In July of 2002 Jesse Rooke burst onto the custom bike scene with a vengeance. With his first bike, Dinah, Jesse established himself as a creative thinker who didn’t feel constrained by “the way it’s always been done”. Dinah would go on to an undefeated show record and would be featured in countless magazines and numerous television shows.

Dinah’s success and the friendships he built with the established stars in the custom industry gave Jesse the motivation to keep building and to keep looking “outside the box” for creative approaches to motorcycle design. Each bike he has built since has featured innovative concepts that push the envelope of custom bike building while still managing to pay tribute to the “old school” of design philosophy.

Jesse plans to continue pushing past the boundaries that constrain the custom bike industry to breathe life into fresh, creative concepts and build bikes like no one has seen before.




Jesse's unique design style is a direct result of his long history in motorsports. Jesse's involvement in AMA roadracing, motocross, auto racing and shifter karting all played a role in creating his style which blends form, function, simplicity and performance into machines that perform as well as they look.

The lines are smooth and classic, seamlessly blending one curve into the next. The designs are deceptively simple with no extraneous additions that add weight and detract from performance. Jesse's bikes are the ultimate expression of a racers' mentaiity fused with old-school chopper cool.

Catch Jesse on the road.

Arizona Bike Week
Scottsdale, AZ
April 14-18
Long Beach GP
Long Beach, CA
April 18
Laughlin River Run
Laughlin, Nevada
April 22-26



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